Massive $633 Million Bitcoin (BTC) Transaction Triggers Crypto Whale Alert

Large $633 Million Bitcoin (BTC) Purchase Activates Crypto Whale Alert

A large action of majority a billion bucks in Bitcoin (BTC) is triggering a mix amongst cryptocurrency investors. The purchase was reported by the crypto tracker Whale Alert, activating supposition regarding the identification of the crypto owners and also why they’re relocating the funds. 101,857 #BTC(633,535,530 USD) moved from unidentified purse to unidentified purse Tx: […]

Crypto Whale Moves 50,343 Bitcoin (BTC) Worth $320,978,017 As 51,000,000 XRP Exits Bithumb

Crypto Whale Actions 50,343 Bitcoin (BTC) Worth $320,978,017 As 51,000,000 XRP Departures Bithumb

A mystical cryptocurrency whale simply relocated a sensational quantity of Bitcoin (BTC) for a charge of just 60 cents. The whale sent out 50,343 BTC worth $320,978,017 in between pocketbooks of unidentified beginning. The motion triggered a mix amongst cryptocurrency whale spectators on Twitter. 50,343 #BTC((********************************************** ),978,017 USD) moved from unidentified budget to unidentified budget […]